The Evening Telegram

The Evening Telegram, started by the son of the Herald’s publisher, was considered to be an evening edition of the Herald. According to King’s Handbook of New York, “It is independent in politics; having no other purpose than to give the news of the day, which it does, in a most piquant manner.” It did not print a Sunday edition.


July 20, 1899:
“Newsboys Strike Against Two Papers”

July 21, 1899:
“Newsboys’ Strike Spreads to Harlem”

July 22, 1899:
“Boy Strikers Sweep the City”

July 24, 1899:
“Can’t Break Boys’ Tie-Up”

July 25, 1899:
“Newsboy Strike Gains Ground”

July 26, 1899:
“Newsboys Ready to Show Strength”

July 27, 1899:
“Salvation Lassies Wouldn’t Sell Them”

July 28, 1899:
“Newsboys See Victory Ahead”

July 31, 1899:
“Union to Enforce Newsboys’ Strike”