July 26, 1899: “New-Haven Newsboys Strike, Too”

New-Haven Newsboys Strike, Too

New-Haven, Conn., July 25 (Special)—The New-Haven newsboys have declared a boycott on the evening “World” and “Journal,” and will refuse to sell any copies of the papers after Monday next. The boys want the old rate of 50 cents a hundred which was in force before the war, re-established and say that they will refuse to sell any of the papers until this is agreed upon.

“Busty” McCarthy, a leader among the boys, went to New-York yesterday and met the leaders of the New-York strike. He seems to have been much impressed with the attitude of the New-York boys, and took part in some of the impromptu parades as a “delegate” from New-Haven. The leaders of the boys here, “Busty” McCarthy, Frank Berstein and “Sam” Merle, visited the Mayor’s office to-day and asked permission to hold a mass meeting on the Green Saturday night, and a parade, and were referred to the police, from whom the permission was obtained.

The Saturday meeting will be addressed by several newsdealers and “Busty” McCarthy, who will deliver the message from the New-York boys, and also by a New-York “delegate” who is expected to be present. After Monday no papers will be sold unless the conditions are agreed to.

Source: “New-Haven Newsboys Strike, Too.” New-York Daily Tribune, 26 July 1899, p. 2.