The New York Times

The New York Times, while not the most prolific in regards to the strike, reported almost every single day on the boys’ efforts.

July 21, 1899:
“Newsboys Go On Strike”

July 22, 1899:
“The Strike of the Newsboys”

July 23, 1899:
“Striking Newsboys are Firm”
“Newsboys May Be Uniformed”

July 24, 1899:
“Mass Meeting of Newsboys”

July 25, 1899:
“Newsboys Act and Talk”
“Violent Scenes During Day”

July 26, 1899:
“Newsboys Still Hold Out”
“Seek to Help the Newsboys”

July 27, 1899:
“Newsboys Are Weakening”

July 28, 1899:
“Newsboys Still Hold Out”

July 31, 1899:
“Newsboys Form A New Union”

Aug. 1, 1899:
“Newsboys Up for Blackmail”
“Declare Newsboys’ Strike a Failure”