July 28, 1899: “Yonkers Boys Win A Victory”


The newsboys of Yonkers won a victory yesterday in their strike, when, after a stern refusal even to arbitrate, “The New-York Daily News” capitulated and acceded to the demands of the strikers. A representative of the circulation department of “The News” spent several hours in Yonkers in the forenoon endeavoring to effect a reconciliation with the boys, but his arguments were usless. Soon after the departure of “The News” man from the city the local agent recieved a message stating that the wholesale price had been reduced in Yonkers from 60 to 50 cents. The boys made a great demonstration over their victory, and their strike against”The Evening World” and “The Evening Journal” has been strengthened greatly as a result.

Source: “Yonkers Boys Win a Victory.” New-York Daily Tribune, 28 July 1899, p. 2.