July 29, 1899: “Newsboys’ New Leader”

Newsboys’ New Leader

“Young” Monix Elected to Take “Kid” Blink’s Place—Blink Fined.

The old leaders of the striking newsboys kept well out of the way yesterday and at a meeting held early in the morning at Frankfort and William streets a new Strike Committee was appointed. “Young” Monix made a speech and was unanimously elected Chief Organizer. He told the boys they ought to hold a massmeeting, and the idea was received with applause. Monix undertook to find ways and means of bringing about the meeting.

“Kid” Blink, the deposed leader, was fined $5 in the Centre STreet Police Court yesterday morning on a charge of disorderly conduct. He had been chased by a mob of the strikers, who accused him of accepting a bribe from one of the boycotted papers.

“I’m de leader of de strike of de newsboys,” he began.

“What?” said Magistrate Mott, sharply. “You the leader of a strike? What nonsense!”

“Fact,” said Blink, drawing himself up. “I was tryin’ ter get home, your honor, an’ de boys was follerin’ me”—

“That will do,” said the Magistrate, and the officer who made the arrest told his side of the case. The fine was paid by a young man who was apparently there for the purpose.

The talk of a parade was revived n the afternoon. The last bulletin from the Strike Committee was that the parade would start downtown from 125th street and Third avenue this evening. Sam Keeler, son of Annie, the Park row newswoman, said he had been deputed to take 200 downtown boys uptown to join in the parade.

Source: “Newsboys’ New Leader.” The Sun [New York], 29 July 1899, p. 3.