The New York Herald

According to the 1893 editions of Moses King’s Handbook of New York, The New York Herald, which gives its name to Herald Square, “is a newspaper, simply, perfectly.”

July 21, 1899:
“Newsboys Strike for Better Terms”

July 22, 1899:
“Spread of Strike Fever Among Lads”

July 23, 1899:
“Newsboys’ Strike Promises Success”

July 25, 1899:
“Newsboys Wage A Merry War”

July 26, 1899:
“Newsboys’ Strike Becomes General”

July 27, 1899:
“Newsdealers and the Boy Strikers”

July 28, 1899:
“Dealers Boycott to Aid Newsboys”

July 29, 1899:
“Newsboy Strikers Keep Up the Fight”

July 30, 1899:
“Striking Newsboys Stand Firm”