July 29, 1899: “Newsboy Strikers Keep Up the Fight”

Newsboy Strikers Keep Up the Fight

Youngsters Refuse to Abandon Their Boycott When Leaders Give Way to the Opposition.

They Find New Leaders.

Encouraged by the Aid of the Newsdealers, the Boys Remain Firm in Their Demands
Blink No Longer Trusted.

Striking newsboys, dissatisfied with the course of their leaders in conducting the fight against the Evening World and the Evening Journal, take much less time in finding a new leader than did President McKinley in finding a new Secretary of War. As soon as one leader wavers the newsboys immediately find another, and they are sticking tenaciously to their demand for a hundred papers for fifty cents.

The newsboys’ boycott became more picturesque than ever yesterday. The youngsters, firmly convinced that they were in the right, did everything in their power to discourage other boys who, not belonging to the union, ventured out to sell the boycotted papers. They held their own with the public, and lost no opportunity to make life anything but a joy to the boys who offered the boycotted papers for sale.

“Kid” Blink Booted.

“Kid” Blink, whose fall in the esteem of the strikers began two days ago, when he appeared in a brand new suit of clothes with a large bundle of the boycotted papers, continued to lose his influence over the newsboys yesterday. The “Kid” was arraigned in the Centre Street Police Court, and was fined $5 for disorderly conduct. Blink’s mother appeared and paid his fine, but the “Kid,” having thus readily escaped from the majesty of the law, found himself no longer foremost in the hearts of the strikers. They accused him of backsliding, and when he emerged from court the boys hooted him. As a result the “Kid” improved the offer of free papers for willing strikers, and soon appeared as a convert to the cause of the boycotted papers. “Dave” Simons, treasurer of the Newsboy’s Union, who fell under suspicion at the same time the “Kid” did, also lent encouragement to the anti-strikers.

As a result of all this activity it is proposed by the striking newsboys to hold a meeting to-day and elect another set of officers for the union. In the new arrangement, it is needless to say, “Dave” Simons and “Kid” Blink will be entirely eliminated from positions of influence. Several shrewd youngsters have been suggested as new leaders, but last night Lewis Hass was regarded as the coming man among the strikers.

Boys Greatly Encouraged.

The boys have been greatly encouraged by the aid extended by the newsdealers,and they are determined to get the boycotted papers for fifty cents a hundred, even if they have to get new leaders every twenty-four hours. Their leaders, they say, may be convinced by the arguments of the opposition, but the rank and file of the strikers declare that they will stand firm.

There is talk among the boys of holding a mass meeting to-morrow afternoon, in which the newsdealers will be asked to participate. The plans had not taken definite form last night.

Source: “Newsboy Strikers Keep Up the Fight.” New York Herald, 29 July 1899, p. 12.