August 1, 1899: “A Big Parade in Yonkers”

A Big Parade in Yonkers

The newsboys strikers of Westchester County, representing Yonkers, Mount Vernon, New-Rochelle and Mamaroneck, paraded through Yonkers last night, headed by a Rough Rider as grand marshal, mounted on a bronco in company with a fox terrier. The boys were accompanied by a brass band and a fife and drum corps. There were fully a thousand in line. The newsdealers sat in open wagonettes. At Getty Square about two thousand citizens greeted them. Red lights flared and skyrockets shot high in the air. The boys cheered and yelled themselves hoarse all along the line of march. Heir determination to stand out against “The Evening World” and “The Evening Journal” is now greater than ever.

Source: “A Big Parade in Yonkers.” New-York Daily Tribune, 1 Aug. 1899, p. 3.