July 23, 1899: “Newsboys Still Out On Strike”

Newsboys Still Out On Strike

Declare They Will Fight All Summer to Win Their Point.

Have Appointed A Committee

The newsboys are determined in their strike against the continuous performance papers. Yesterday they held a meeting in the back yard of the Cherry street tenement house where the “Smutface Chink” lives, and decided to hold out against the Evening World and the Evening Journal even if it takes all Summer.

A committee, consisting of the “Smutface Chink,” “Rat Face Mike,” “Deadwood Dick of Water Street” and “Anxious McSwiggin,” the “Owensboro Terror,” was appointed to confer with the circulation managers of the two papers and make a final demand that the price of 50 cents a hundred be retained. The committee marched down Park Row until the World building was reached. There they were met by a new policeman who, after giving one of the boys a decisive kick, ran for the other three. The last seen of the committee it was hiding in an empty lime barrel in Frankfort street.

Scabs Will Be Dealt With.

“Mushy Moxie,” of Forty-second street, who is leading the striking forces uptown, gave orders last night that any boy found selling the World or journal, evening editions, would be put out of business. During the day several delivery wagons which were sent uptown were attacked by the strikers and the drivers were dealt with badly.

“Say, dis strike is a cinch,” said Moxie last night, “an’ if we don’t win we’ll put de Woild and Choinal on de bum. Dey offers to give any of de guys what sells $2 a day, but we ain’t gone ter fall to any con game like dat. I insulted wid de superintendent of de game yesterday, an’ he offers me all kinds of incessions, but what t’ell? If I drops to de gazabo’s game we’ll all be t’rown out and dat’s all dere’ll be to it. When I foist decided on de strike it was den a question of de amount, but I’ve gone deep into de injustices what is heaped on us, and now we is out as much on de matter on principle as it is fur de dough.

“De game is troublesome and me brudder may have ter sell again before de strike is over. He fell inter a leadpot on de row yesterday and put his pans on de kertish.

“Yes, de stroik comes hard on some of de gang. Fer instums, ‘de Clawhopper of Cherry Street’ is nearly starvt to deat’. His mudder used to tell redhots and his fadder worked on de dumps, but de old man got’s a bum leg and de old lady’s out on a strike against de old man. All de kid has had to eat in a week is a pound of motzas what he stole on Division street.”

The Strikers on Parade.

The strikers paraded along Broadway last night and held a mass meeting at Forty-second street which lasted until a big policeman came from across the street.

“Dat’s de injustive of de t’ing,” said Moxie, “Hoist and Pullets has bought up de perlice force.”

Spurred odn by the success of the newsboys the messenger boys of Wall Street are now talking strike. Three hundred boys declare they will go out to-morrow unless their demand for an increase in wages is complied with. A committee representing the dissatisfied boys called on the superintendent of the company, but were not allowed to see him because he was suffering from a slight headache. The man grievance of the boys seems to be that they are compelled to pay the company 10 cents a week for their collars. They want the company to furnish celluloid collars so they can wash them themselves.