July 25, 1899: “Troy Newsboys In Fight”

Troy Newsboys in the Fight

They Boycott the World and Journal, and Try to Prevent Others from Selling Them

Troy, July 24—The newsboys of this city have caught the strike fever. This afternoon, upon the arrival of the New York papers, nearly every newsboy in town declared his intention to boycott the World and Journal, and accordingly arranged to prevent the sale of these papers by other boys. Dealers who have been accustomed to handling the papers found that none of the boys would accept them.

A meeting of the newsboys has been called for to-morrow night, when plans will be arranged whereby all boys will be prevented from handling the boycotted papers if possible. “Tow-Head” Halligan has been appointed chief executive of the striking newsboys, and will preside at the session to-morrow night. A committee comprising “Foxey” Osborne, “Dinky” Bateman, and “Mugsey” McGrath has been named to request merchants to refrain from purchasing the boycotted papers.

Several fights occurred between newsboys this afternoon, and in one of them a boy named Perry was struck on the head with a stone, rendering him unconscious. Several agents for the boycotted papers have been threatened, and according to a statement of one of the aggrieved newsboys the newsstands selling the boycotted papers will be stormed. The newsboys made a demonstration this afternoon, parading the principal streets of the city with banners inscribed: “Boycott the World and Journal.”

Source: “Troy Newsboys in the Fight.” The Sun [New York], 25 July 1899, p. 2.