July 25, 1899: “Tim Sullivan Makes A Talk”

Tim Sullivan Makes A Talk

Delivers an Address to the Striking Newsboys at Irving Hall.

Boycott Now Spreads

East Side Newsdealers Go Out for Better Prices on Yiddish Journals.

According to a bulletin issued last night by the Newsboys’ Union, the strike has assumed serious proportions. The “Smut Face Guinea,” who has been appointed leader in the place of “Mickey the Face,” sent to the island, paid a visit to The Morning Telegrah office last night and again told of some of hte ills and scorns that the flesh of the “continge” is heir to.

“Foist uv all,” said the delegate, “I’ll guv yz a tip on de blow wez had t’-night at New Irvin’ Hall. Yu’ see, dis guy Tim Sully comes up t’ me un suz, ‘Say, Smut,’ suz ‘e, ‘I got it on de dead lev’ dat d’ Woilt and de CHoinalt ain’t on de square wid yez, an’,’ suz he, he suz, ‘I’m goin’ t’ do de right t’ink by yez,’ he suz, ‘an I’m out t’ find what’s on de shy.’

“‘O, what t’ell, Tim,’ suz I, I suz, ‘what t’ell? You gazabos come gives us de con an’ when de times comes yez fly to de kertish,’ I suz, holdin’ me righ thand on my right thigh like a guy whut’s got de cush.

“‘Here, Smut,’ suz Tim, he suz; ‘here, Smut, I want t’ be on de level wid you fly blokes, an’ no kiddin’ see?’

Money for the Fund.

“Wull, ye know I couldn’t kid Tim, so’s a con fly, I suz, suz I: ‘Well, Sully, if yer the real t’ing yez’ll fluke to de bosh.’ De guy suz he wuz n de lev’, and suz, suz he, ‘I’ll give t’ree hundred bones to de gang.’

“‘T’ree hundred fer mine, eh. Well,’ I suz, suz I, ‘t’ree hundred! Put ‘er dere, Tim!’ and out flies Tim wid de same, mit he hands de blokes up at Albbuminy.

“Anyway, Tim and de rest uv us guys whut’s out goes down ter de Irv’ Hall and finds a lot o’ blokes whut’s rubberneckin’ for de gazabos whut’s goin’ to flind de con. Time gits up to the ros—to de—whatuver ye call it—and goes out wid a con dat would make Hoist an’ Pullets look like a two-spot in a pinochol deck after de Dutch guys has got t’rough playin’.

“Den suz Tom, he suz, puttin’ his peeps to where I wuz sittin,’ ‘Dese guys is on de level, and what dey wants,’ he suz, suz he, ‘is right an’ no con.’

“Well, dose guys just jumps up to dere kicks and sends up a howl dat would make a deef man sing. Den de meetin’ was over. Chuck Connerses made a spiel about de injustimices—but what t’ell? Dat guy ain’t no con.

“Den after it wuz all over me an’ me commit’ goes down ter see Hoist and Pullets. I meets Hoist in de hoilway of de Choinalt buildink, an’ I suz, suz I, ‘Say, Hoist, what t’ell?’

“Hoist gives me de bovine laff und says, ‘Say,’ he suz, suz he, ‘quit yer kiddin’!’ I, wid me right, flings a biff at Hoist’s face, but dat bloke’s a fly guy an’ he tumbles to de concrete.

Trouble on the East Side.

“Nest I fans to Pullets. ‘Say, Joe,’ I suz, suz I, holdin’ me right hand on me right ham like I had de cush, ‘ what t’ell?’

“‘Der Voild vill not,’ suz Pullets, he suz, an’ I wid me waitin’ left t’umps him onto de bad wid an offswing. Pullets dumps, too, an’ seein’ dere ain’t no use, I goes out again wid de bunch.”

The lockout, as graphically described by the “Smut Face Guinea,” obtains on the east side as well as on Broadway, Park row and the principal thoroughfares of the city.

Alex Eichenbaum, who is leading the strikers on Grand street, said:

“Meester reeporter, it ist py me a mitsfer on ter fifteenth of Chuly. Ve are out on der strike agains py der Yiddisha Huralt, der Abenblatt undet der Vorwaerts. Ve coffen for swi cent a stihick undt cregen a tullar unt a holp. A Yiddisha meisser.”

Tim Sullivan’s speech at Irving Hall was the leading feature of yesterday’s events. He was followed from Fourteenth street by 500 newsboys, who carried banners bearing many inscriptions, most prominent among which was this one:


The strikers were jubilant because it was reported to them that J. Pierpont Morgan had contributed $300 to their cause, while Senator Sullivan, Jim Lavelle and former Alderman Farley had also been liberal in donations.