The New York Tribune

The New York Tribune may have been the most prolific in their coverage of the newsies, both within New York City and elsewhere, during the strike. They even included a two-page article concerning “New York Newsies” in a Sunday illustrated supplement, complete with photographs of a few of the newsboys and newswomen.

July 21, 1899:
Newsboys Go On Strike

July 22, 1899:
Newsboys’ Strike Goes On

July 23, 1899:
Newsboys’ Word Stands

July 24, 1899:
A Newsboys’ Meeting

July 25, 1899:
Boys Forsee A Victory
Newsboys Riot in Mount Vernon
Trenton Newsboys Strike
Park Row Capulets and Montagues

July 26, 1899:
‘Newsies’ Standing Fast
Yonkers Boys Form A Union
New-Haven Newsboys Strike, Too
Newsboys Striking In Paterson
Strikers in Cincinnati
Strikers Ahead in Mount Vernon

July 27, 1899:
Tried for High Treason
Boys Eloquent in Brooklyn

July 28, 1899:
‘Kid’ Blink Arrested
Yonkers Boys Win A Victory
Providence Boys Join the Strike

July 29, 1899:
‘Kid’ Blink Fined

July 30, 1899:
Fable Repeated in Fact
New York Newboys (Illustrated Supplement)

July 31, 1899:
Newsboys’ Strike on Again
Yonkers Boys to Parade

Aug. 1, 1899:
Newsboys Plan Another Meeting
A Big Parade in Yonkers
Newsboys’ Strike in Asbury Park

Aug. 2, 1899:
Newsboys’ Boycott Over