July 24, 1899: “Mass Meeting of Newsboys”

Mass Meeting of Newsboys

Strikers Will Gather To-night—Senator Sullivan in Sympathy.

The striking newsboys in pursuit of their efforts to obtain better terms for selling the Evening Journal and Evening World have planned a mass meeting to be held to-night in Irving Hall, 214 Broome Street, for a general discussion of their grievances. Delegations of boys will be present from all the boroughs of Greater New York, Hoboken, and Jersey City.

Senator Sullivan has in a signed letter to the strikers’ Executive Committee, expressed his deep sympathy with the boys, and has promised to be present to-night to address the meeting. “Scotty” Lavelle, “the King of Chinatown,” will also say a few words, as will also ex-Alderman Patrick Farley.

Among the well-known members of the striking fraternity who will state the grievances of the newsboys are “Little Mike,” the “Newsboy Orator,” and “Crazy” Arborn. The latter is one of the most prosperous newsboys in the business, and on Saturday he bought 1,500 pretzels and distributed them among the hungry strikers.

Application will be made to Mayor Van Wyck to-day for permission to parade to the hall to-night, when if the permit is granted, the strike leaders claim 5,000 boys will be in line. The strike is now in the hands of an Executive Committee composed of “Jim Gaiety”, “Young Monix,” “Barney Peanuts,” “Crutch” Morris, “Crazy” Arborn, David Simons, “Scabutch” and “Blind Diamond.”

Source: “Mass Meeting of Newsboys.” The New York Times, 24 July 1899, p. 2.