July 27, 1899: “Newsboys Gain A Point”

Newsboys Gain A Point

A Strike in Lexington, Ky., in Which a Reduction of Price is Granted.

LEXINGTON, Ky., July 26—Lexington newsboys to the number of thirty struck here this afternoon because local newsdealers made them pay two and a half cents for three-cent papers, and allowed them no return privileges. They assembled at the office of the afternoon paper and tried to prevent all papers from going out, even by the regular carriers of routes. They tore up many papers taken away from route carriers, and refused to leave the premises until policemen were called.

The publisher agreed to sell papers direct to the newsboys at a cent and a half, and not allow the newsdealer to control the output. This has partly satisfied the boys, although they want return privileges. It is likely this point will not be conceded by the publishers, but there is a disposition on the part of the boys to go to work to-morrow on the concession granted.

Source: “Newsboys Gain A Point.” The Sun [New York], 27 July 1899, p. 3.