July 26, 1899: “Newsboys Striking In Paterson”


Paterson, N. J., July 25 (Special)—The troubles which have followed the jaundiced papers cropped up out here to-day, and the war over the “boy with the yellows” took up the attention of people on the streets. The strike has not reached an organized stage yet, but promises to do so unless the metropolitan newsboys gain their point speedily. The boys who to-day braved the scorn and fists of those loyal to the strike hid “the yellows” between their respectable newspapers with care, and prudently refrained from crying them. There were a number of pitched battles, with the consequent destruction of the obnoxious papers.

Source: “Newsboys Striking in Paterson.” New-York Daily Tribune, 26 July 1899, p. 2.