July 25, 1899: “Trenton Newsboys Strike”

Trenton Newsboys Strike

Newsdealers Also Declare They Will Not Handle the Offending Papers

Trenton, N.J., July 24 (Special—The newsboys of Trenton, about a hundred in number, who sell “The Evening World” and “The Evening Journal” held a meeting to-day and decided not to handle those papers again until their price is reduced from 60 cents to 50 cents a hundred. “Toby” Duck is the leader of the movement. Accompanied by “Johnnie” Driscoll, “Scaddy” McGuire and “Joe” Lipman, he called at the local newspaper offices to-night to say that the strike would begin to-morrow, and that any “kid” found selling the papers would get a slugging, and maybe something worse. They declared, further, that the agents from whom they get their supply of “Worlds” and “Journals” would be rotten egged on their wagons if they made any attempt to distribute the papers. The leading newsdealers declare that the boys have their sympathy, and that they also will refrain from handling the papers while the strike lasts.