The Sun

Just as The Sun has the distinction in the movie of being the only paper to report on the newsies strike, in real life, The Sun was the first to report on the newsboys’ efforts against Pulitzer & Hearst.

“The Sun gives the news without useless ornaments, but with words that paint.”

King’s Handbook of New York

July 20,1899
Newsboys ‘Go Out’

July 21,1899
The Only Tie-Up in Town

July 22, 1899
Strike That Is A Strike

July 23, 1899
Newsboys’ Strike Swells

July 24, 1899
Plan to Down Newsboys
Sociological Students in Court

July 25, 1899
Great Meet of Newsboys
Troy Newsboys In Fight

July 26,1899
Newsboys Parade To-Night

July 27, 1899
Parade To-Night, Sure
Newsboys Gain A Point

July 28,1899
Newsboys Get New Leaders
Stole Newspapers from Girls and Women

July 29, 1899
Newsboys’ New Leader
A Kindergarten for Strikers

July 31, 1899
Rochester Newsboys to Go On Strike
Striking Newsboys Elect Officers

Aug 1, 1899
‘World’ Jails Newsboys
Newsboys Strike Up the State

Aug 2, 1899
Three Newsboys Arrested for Assault