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This song is a slightly different version of sentimentality towards newsgirls than that shown in “They All Love Maggie Grady.” Maggie’s story has a happy ending, whereas this heroine has more in common with Hans Christian Anderson’s little match girl than Maggie Grady.

“The Poor Little Newsgirl”
1882, by Wm. J. McVey

Only a poor little newsgirl,
With face that is smiling and bright;
Up at the gray of the morning.
And toiling ’till far in the night.
Blithely her papers she’s calling:
The Telegram, Journal, and News,
“Help me, for Mother is dying!
Oh, please buy one, do not refuse!”

Only a poor little newsgirl,
Who wanders all day through the street;
Calling her papers so blithely,
With voice that is pleading and sweet.

Only a poor little newsgirl.
Who wanders along ‘mid the crowd;
Wildly the snowflakes are falling.
And wrapping the streets in a shroud!
Hark to the voice that is pleading:
“My mother is starving at home,
Please buy a paper to help me.
From morning till night do I roam. ”


Only a poor little newsgirl,
With face that is pallid and cold!
Clasping her papers so tightly,
When rays of the morning unfold;
Hurries the crowd thro’ the city,
With never a thought of the dead;
Pity the poor little newsgirl,
Who sleeps in her soft icy bed.