I like listening to podcasts: on long drives; when I get tired of hearing the same seventeen songs on the current radio station; when I’m not in the mood to watch a television show or movie, but don’t want to listen to music. One fabulous podcast I discovered a few months ago is The Bowery Boys.

The Bowery Boys are Greg Young & Tom Meyers, and they talk about people, places, and events from throughout New York City history. Their podcast is now on a monthly schedule, but in the early days a new episode came out weekly. The 150th episode, about the consolidation of New York City, just came out in April, so no worries about running out of history to listen to any time soon! One nice thing about each podcast episode is that photos and links are included on the episode page, to help illustrate each subject. Two of specific interest are New York City Hall & City Hall Park and The Newsboys Strike of 1899.

The Bowery Boys also blog during the week about different tidbits of the city’s history, from mysterious logos on doors to unusual newspaper articles to their book of the month. In addition, Greg also live tweets @BoweryBoys each episode of “Mad Men,” and blogs about the key historical reference that Monday. He live tweets “Copper,” a police drama set in 1860s Five Points, and “Boardwalk Empire,” as well.

I highly recommend following The Bowery Boys blog & podcast. Gotta love entertaining New York City history that ends with “Have a New York week, whether you live here or not!”