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Originally published in The Sun on October 13, 1859:

The night school of the Newsboys’ Lodging House will open on Tuesday evening next. All poor boys desirous of improving themselves have an opportunity to attend. Books, papers, slates, &c., are provided without charge. The following statistics afford pleasurable proof of the good it is doing for this class.

Number of destitute boys sheltered by this charity for the quarter ending on the 15th of September, 4,198. Of these, 2,281 had meals. Of truant and lost boys from various parts of the Union, and even from the Canadas, 47 have been restored. A considerable number of boys from this Institution have been sent to homes in the West by the Children’s Aid Society. During the period above mentioned there have been only four cases of illness. Sick boys are not sent to the Hospital, except where the complaint is contagious. They have good medical advice, and are provided with medicines gratuitously.

A spirit of thrift and prospective economy is developing among the newsboys, owing to the establishment of the Bank of the Newsboys Lodging House. In this, within the above period, 52 boys deposited $216.62 of their earnings.

The Bank is opened on the 1st of every month, and the depositors receive from the institution 5 per cent. interest (per month) on their savings. Since the introduction of the Sunday dinners at the Lodging House on the 12th of June last, 869 have been saved from the necessity of working on the Sabbath at the comparatively trifling cost of about $49.00.

The mention of the inclement season will remind the humane reader at the same time, that donations of apparel and bed cloths will be very acceptable at the Lodging House, Sun Building, to which address they may be sent. Presents of stationery and of books for their library and night school will also be gratefully received.