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Newsboys’ Thanksgiving

The rolling year brings round The Star Newsboys’ red letter day. It has been the annual custom for the Star to give a Thanksgiving feast to the little chaps who give such efficient help in distributing and selling the paper. The newsboy is a Star institution. He is of all nationalities, but is largely from the ranks of the Portuguese. That thrifty nationality is quick to earn a quarter when it sees a chance and its young lads follow in the footsteps of the heads of the families. But their example is followed close by energetic Hawaiian and part-Hawaiian lads.

The newsboys made quite a little income to add to the family funds. In times of great demand, some of them rake in from two and a half to three dollars, and most of them average from 50c. to $1 a day. The money so earned is spent wisely. It assists in feeding and clothing the little fellows. Many of them save up to buy a suit which generally appears at the Thanksgiving dinner.

The habit of earning and saving is thus early inculcated, and in many cases will last through life, laying the foundation for future success. The newsboys get a practical education which is of equal value to them as the literary education they obtain in the schools. And the newsboys are not ignorant, they know all about what is in the papers and keep up with the news of the world. They are moreover an institution of the city and make its streets look up to date. The boy may be noisy and he may be pushing, but he has in him the material that will make him a man and not a milksop. May The Star newsboys enjoy their Thanksgiving feast and holiday.

Originally published in The Hawaiian Star on November 21, 1899.