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"The Newsboys' Christmas Dinner"

“The Newsboys’ Christmas Dinner”
Words & music by Theo. H. Northrup, c1893

The newsboys all had gather’d near a rest’raunt’s welcome door,
The day had been quite dull and bleak, and they were tired and sore,
When gruffly cried a man in blue, ’twas one of the police,
For them to move or else he’d take them in to keep the peace.
The boys were very quiet, some dress’d poorly, others neat,
And all had worked industriously, were hungry and could eat.
The man in blue then made a dash to put them all to rout,
But they were jolly newsboys and began to laugh and shout.

Just then from out the rest’raunt’s door a portly man came out,
To see what this uncalled for fuss and cry could be about,
Then taking in the situation at a single glance,
He told the boys some joyous news that put them in a trance.
Hurrah! they cried in unison, and through the door they went,
And never was a Christmas dinner half so hap’ly spent,
For everything they could get to tempt the newsboys gay,
Was placed before the newsboys on this merry Christmas day.