From the New York Times, on January 4, 1906:

Let “Foghorn” Off Easy.

Sentence for Stealing Suspended in Case of Leather-Lunged Newsboy.

Thomas Ryan, known as “Foghorn” to every newsboy and newsgirl on Park Row and around the Brooklyn Bridge terminal, where he has been selling papers for eight years, was before Judge Foster yesterday, in General Sessions, charged with stealing a scarfpin.

The complainant against “Foghorn” was Dr. Henry S. Fruitnight of 954 St. Nicholas Avenue, who said that the pin was taken from his scarf in the Subway station at Ninety-sixth Street on the night of Dec. 13.

“What have you to say to that?” “Foghorn” was asked.

“Guilty,” he replied.

“I don’t care to take a plea of guilty,” said Judge Foster. “I—”

“Aw, Judge,” put in “Foghorn,” “let it go at dat. I had me pots on dat night an’ didn’t know what I was doin’.”

Judge Foster said that he had received several letters from persons known to him, testifying to “Foghorn’s” previous good character. He suspended sentence, and the newsboy started for the Bridge to ply his trade again.