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In honor of President’s Day, an article that appeared in the New York Tribune on February 13, 1906:

Newsboys telegraph President.

Answer Message from Him While They Were at H. D. Weekes’s Lincoln Day Dinner.

Four hundred happy “newsies” ate turkey and cranberries and lots of other good things yesterday at the annual dinner given by H. Delano Weekes, the attorney, at No. 14 Chambers-st. Letters of regret were read from President Roosevelt, Mayor McClellan and others. At the close the boys asked Mr. Weeks to send a telegram to the President, and the following was sent:

The boys of the Brace Memorial Lodging House of the Children’s Aid Society, who are assembled this evening to celebrate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, respectfully send their thanks and express the deepest gratitude for the President’s kind letter just¬†received. His remembrance of us will never be forgotten, and will always help us to be good and loyal citizens.

Signed, “Kid” Betts, “Lise” Adams, “Sunny” Jim, “Kid” Biscuit and “Canalboat” Joe.