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From the June 19, 1898 edition of The Sun:

Newsy Hadn’t Heard of Hell.

Told Justice Nevin He Didn’t Know What Became of Boys Who Tell Lies.

William C. Koutnik, the real estate agent in West Hoboken, who is charged with having forged a check for $114 and sent Leo Luke, a newsboy, to the Hudson County National Bank in Jersey City to have it cashed, was examined before Police Justice Nevin yesterday morning. The boy got the money, but, being unable to find the man who had sent him to the bank, he gave it to his mother. She took it to the bank and received a reward of $10 for her son’s honesty.

Walter McGimpsey, another little newsboy, was called to identify Koutnik. He was so young and small that his eligibility as a witness was questioned.

“Do you go to Sunday school?” asked Police Justice Nevin.

“Yes, sir.”

“What becomes of boys who do not tell the truth?”

“I dunno, I ain’t high enough in school for that.”

As the boy said that he knew the difference between the truth and a lie, he was allowed to testify. He identified the prisoner as the man who had given Leo Luke the letter. Koutnik was committed to await the action of the Grand Jury.