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From the July 15, 1899 edition of the Evening Telegram:

Comrade Remembered.

Newsboys Provide Floral Piece for Dominick Stanton.

The newsboys of the city appointed a committee to secure money to provide a floral piece for their late comrade, Dominick Stanton. They succeeded in raising $3.86, with which they purchased a beautiful anchor. The amounts subscribed were as follows: The Telegram boys 80 cents, the Herald boys $1.76, the Journal boys 23 cents, the Times 20 cents. M. A. Andrews 50 cents, Besanson’s restaurant 15 cents, Pelligrini 10 cents, Shattuck 25 cents, Friend 20 cents, Frank Matty 15 cents and friends 25 cents. The boys regret that they could secure no money from the Post-Standard. The boys who collected the funds were Samuel Cohen, Phillip Ecclestine and Samuel Cominsky.