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From the November 20, 1902 edition of the Richmond Dispatch:

Girls Caught Pickpocket.

Some Lively Sprinting Done After a Purse-Snatcher.

NEW YORK, November 19.—(Special.)—Three girls, Molly Sindel, of No. 149 Forsyth street, Clara Hoffman and Clara Rosenberg, of No. 215 east Tenth street, showed rare sprinting ability in Second avenue to-day when William Coye, aged 19, a lithographer, who, the police say, lives in a newsboy’s lodging house from Molly Sindel’s hand and ran up the avenue.
Coye got  good start, but the girls were soon in close pursuit. In wake of the girls followed a great crowd. Coye was soon overhauled by the girls, and his face was punched, his clothing torn and his body bruised by many well directed kicks from members of the crowd. His mother would scarcely have recognized him when the crowd took him before the sergeant of the east Fifth street station.
Coye had thrown Miss Sindel’s pocketbook into the street, and it and $2 it contained were recovered.