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The Evening World reported the disappearance of one of the Newsboys’ Lodging House employees on March 26, 1894:


Jane Hanrahan Missing

Cut Her Hair and Placed It on a Bed Before Leaving.

Jane Hanrahan, a chambermaid, twenty-one years, employed at the Newsboys’ Lodging-House, New Chambers and Duane streets, has been missing since 5.30 o’clock this morning. Her mother, Kate Hanrahan, of 12 1-2 Washington street, called at Police Headquarters this afternoon and asked to have a general alarm sent out for her. Her mother thinks she has become suddenly insane.

Before she went out this morning she cut off all her dark hair, and doing it up in a newspaper left it on the bed in her room. She wore a dark cape, thrown over her head, in place of a hat, and a dark skirt and buttoned shoes.