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The Sun provides a little more information (really, just a recap of articles from the time of her disappearance) in it’s June 3, 1894 article about Jane Hanrahan:


It is Jane Hanrahan’s Body.

She was a Servant at the Newsboys’ Lodging House, and Disappeared on March 19.

The body of the young woman that was found on Friday on the shore of Governor’s Island was identified at the Morgue yesterday as that of Jane Hanrahan of 12 1/2 Washington street. The identification was made by an aunt of the girl. Jane Hanrahan was 20 years old, good looking, and quiet and reserved in her ways. She had been a servant at the Newsboys’ Lodging House in New Chambers street for sixteen months, but disappeared from there early on the morning of March 19.

On the same morning, and at about the same hour, passengers on a sound steamer that was rounding Battery point saw a girl throw herself into the river. The steamer was in too much of a hurry to turn back to see what had become of the girl, but it is conjectured that she was Miss Hamahan, and that she was drowned. The body found on Governor’s Island had been in the water too long to admit of signs of foul play being seen, if such there were; but her friends cannot believe that the girl committed suicide. They say though that she had several quarrels with the servants at the lodging house just before she disappeared.

Before she left the lodging house she cut off her hair. The body will be buried to-day in Calvary Cemetery.