From the July 4, 1899 edition of The Sun, another tale of “Hungry Joe”:

She Knew Hungry Joe.

Fine Young Woman Amazes the Park Row Newsboys.

“Hungry Joe,” the newsman whose eccentricities have caused Park row newsboys so much glee, leaned last night against a tool chest which blocks the sidewalk just below Beekman street, evidently meditating about the time he threw a rock at a boy in the middle of the street and broke a plate glass window behind him. A stylish young woman came along with her nose in the air and a messenger boy at her heels. She swung down the street with a straight-ahead gaze past “Hungry Joe.” She went six feet beyond him, then turned suddenly to look. She walked right back to him and smiled a smile that was a sight.

“Why, how are you?” she said in amazement. “What are you doing here?”

The rest of her words were lost in a cable car uproar. The newsboys hugged each other and said:

“Look at them di’mons!”

The young woman passed on in a minute and “Hungry Joe” shook all over, smiling very broadly. He lives in Brooklyn and has meeting clothes which he wears on Sunday, when his Park row friends would not recognize him. As for the newsboys, they tell about his bags of gold and coats lined with greenbacks.