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“The Newsboys Sweetheart”
Words & Music by Maude Anita Hart, 1905

My sweethearts name is Dolly
I haven’t known her long
But all the time I’m singing
And Dolly is my song
I’m nothing but a newsboy
Sell papers ev’ry day
To those who ride in coaches
To read while on their way
Twas there I met my Dolly
Became her loving swain
And now I’m always wishing
For Dolly on the train.

My Dolly is the dearest,
The sweetest girl I know
She’s just my precious darling,
And O I love her so
Yes love my dark-eyed beauty,
In sunshine or in rain
My heart is O so happy
When Dolly’s on the train.

Her Papa guides the lever
As speeds the train away
And often takes my Dolly
With him to spend the day
But sometimes he will send her
Down in the coach to ride
And then will haste the newsboy
So quickly to her side
Yes I am but a newsboy
Have tried her love to gain
The love of little Dolly
My Dolly on the train.

The sequel now will show you
‘Tis right to persevere
For Dolly says she loves me
And that I am so dear
She’s given me her promise
My wife some day to be
‘Twill be such joy and gladness
Her face to always see
And now I am so happy
In sunshine or in rain
For meeting little Dolly
My Dolly on the train.