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From the February 23, 1903 edition of the Washington Times:

Newsboys Warn Senator to Stick to His Own Stoop

Object to Law Limiting Age of Venders of Dailies.

NEW YORK, Feb. 23—At the Washington Birthday dinner given to the newsboys by Randolph M. Guggenheimer yesterday at the Newsboys’ Lodging House State Senator Henry W. hill, of Buffalo, was roundly censured by many a street youngster, and the bill he has introduced at Albany making it unlawful for children under twelve years of age to sell newspapers or shine shoes was doneunced [sic] by many tongues.

“Senator Hill lives in Buffalo, don’t he?” said Johnny Murray, known to his intimate friends as “The Chink.” “There’s two or three things about New York that he ain’t thoroughly intimate with. The best thing for him to do is stick to his own stoop; we don’t want no bills passed so kids can’t work—not in New York. I’ll see that the governor knows it, too.”