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The Newsboys of Chicago

Words by Reginald Mowbray
Music by Lutie St. Clair
The Newsboys of Chicago,
Are greatest in the world
you’ll find no better newsboys,
Wherever flags unfurled,
Their hearts are ever stoutest,
All trouble they defy,
And oh, their voice is loudest,
Whene’er you hear them cry:
Have you have your morning papers,
All about the crimes,
Tribune, Inter Ocean, Herald, Morning Times,
In the evening hear them calling,
None can these boys match:
Five o’clock News, Journal, Post, Chicago, Mail, Dispatch.
As bright as copper pennies,
As honest as the day,
The newsboys of Chicago,
Adorn the city’s way,
In sunshine or in shadow,
And always free from blues,
They only strive to give us,
The very latest news.
O, people of this city,
Remember now and then,
The newsboys of Chicago,
Shall be our worthy men,
For to these ragged heroes,
No task to hard to try,
And honesty rings cheery,
In ev’ry passing cry: