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From The Evening World on October 12,1887:

“The Evening World’s” Guests.

Probably no playhouse walls ever inclosed a more appreciative audience than that which filled the People’s Theatre to overflowing last evening. Every one of the 3,247 newsboys and newsgirls who accepted THE EVENING WORLD’S invitation to witness a special performance of “Harbor Lights” will remember it as a red-letter occasion. They evinced an enthusiasm and a zest of pleasure that the chronic critic has long outlived. And with it was a discrimination worthy of the veteran theatre-goer. No good point of dialogue or scenery was missed by their alert eyes and ears. The tumultuous applause came in where it belonged. The heroine had their active encouragement. The villain was in imminent danger of being mobbed. At the happy denouement their joy was unconfined. THE EVENING WORLD takes pride in its 3,247 newsboy and newsgirl guests.